Wesley's Wholesale Opens THIS SATURDAY in Hazmieh!

For those living in Hazmieh, 2016 is a big year. First, Lebanon’s newest social hangout opened its backyard to denizens on June 1. From the noncommittal coffee at Starbucks to the more serious cocktail and nosh at Kitchen Yard, the Backyard Hazmieh is the area’s “it” place for social butterflies, and this is riding on the heels of the hundreds of shops and eateries hosted by Beirut City Centre just down the street.

Come September 3rd, residents will have renewed cause to rejoice, and that’s because Wesley’s Wholesale is unveiling its third and largest branch on Hazmieh turf. Another megastore, even more impressive than the Jnah flagship, will make its home across from Galaxy on Camille Chamoun Boulevard, where Le Charcutier used to be. Wesley’s will be split across two floors, one dedicated exclusively to food imports, and the other to a home center with all-new nonfood brands and kitchen appliances.

Sneak peek at Wesley's new Hazmieh outlet!

We’re talking essentials like CakeBoss baking utensils – and have you seen their adorable giant ceramic cookie jar? Hand painted in vibrant colors, this jumbo cupcake lookalike is crafted from durable stoneware and even has a silicone band to create a hermetic seal. Think housewarming party, or even the perfect birthday gift for a foodie friend.

Cake Boss Cookie Jar Cupcake makes a wonderful housewarming or birthday gift

But I digress. Where were we? Ah, yes, homeware and appliances. So CakeBoss baking novelties, Honey-Can-Do home organizers, Circulon cookware, Seville Classic stainless steel tables and shelves…you name it! All things kitchen and pantry with reliable American name-brands, Wesley’s is your one-stop shop.

Besides food imports, Wesley's sells nonfood items for the home and outdoors

I’ll be honest. As a resident of Mansourieh in the Metn region, I always perceived Jnah to be beyond my driving circuit, so the Jal el Dib express outlet became my shopping grounds. But Jal el Dib doesn’t hold a candle to the wealth of inventory the Jnah location stocks, so I’m thrilled Wesley’s decided to plant a base in Hazmieh. For me, that’s even closer to home than Jal el Dib!

Besides all the imported goodness that Wesley’s lays claim to – and before I forget, have you gotten your hands on their newly arrived shipment of Taza stone-ground chocolate crafted from Mexican cacao beans? 

Handmade organic chocolate that's minimally processed and maximally unrefined!

This stuff is perfectly unrefined, minimally processed and organic, and trust me, you haven’t tasted real chocolate until you’ve had Taza (how ironic that its name means “fresh” in Arabic? That can’t be a coincidence!). Try the sampler featuring circular disks of chocolate tinted with vanilla, cinnamon, chipotle chili, coffee, or almonds. For purists, there's the two-ingredient plain dark in 70% and 85% concentrations.

I’ve digressed again, haven’t I? It’s so hard to be coherent and structured when your favorite megastore in the country is moving into your backyard!

As I was saying before my stream of consciousness interrupted, Wesley’s Hazmieh has a third floor in the works due to be unveiled before the Christmas season. There’s also a “Local Section” which will soon be pitching its tent on the food level. High-quality produce and products made in Lebanon, including Tout Berry Farm’s fresh fruits, will figure into the roundup.

In a month or two, Wesley's will be adding a Locals Section
to spotlight premium products made in Lebanon

Folks, you DO NOT want to miss the grand opening THIS SATURDAY from 9 am to 9 pm. 

This event is on the scale of the US’s day-after-Thanksgiving Black Friday festivities – there’ll be tons of promotions, door prizes, and giveaways at the register, while supplies last. Plus, you can bank on Wesley’s usual self-serve coffee and cookies at the door to keep you pumped and perky as you pace every aisle of America-land.

Spread the word, and see you there bright and early Saturday! 

Aisles and aisles of American cleaning products! 


Beirutista has joined forces with Wesley’s Wholesale as Brand Ambassador. What exactly does that mean? Well, if you liked this announcement, you can look forward to similar ones every month or so. I’ll also be blogging about a variety of exciting new projects Wesley’s has underway, in addition to sneak peeks and product leaks! Expect cool new product giveaways from time to time, and if you’re a real Wesley’s obsessive like I am, I’ll gladly hook you up with 10% off your next visit. Just shoot me a message at any of my contact coordinates listed here


  1. Is it open already for people or only after the grand opening?

    1. No, it hasn't opened yet! Saturday is the official debut!

  2. Is it cheaper than local brands?

    1. Hi Tarek, Wesley's specializes in imports. At the moment they don't offer local brands, but they soon will be featuring high-quality Lebanese products. So if your question is whether their imported products are cheaper than the same you could find at a competing supermarket or epicerie, the answer is yes, because Wesley's wholesales to other markets.

  3. Went and shopped at Hazmieh branch last week. It was a good experience. I am hoping their third floor would open soon for more goodies. Danielle, could I impose on you to use your sway and get their buyer to start carrying Caress Body Wash? :-)) I love that product! (I am kidding.)


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