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A Vegan’s Guide to Lebanese Street Food

This article has been adapted from the original version, which is published on the  Al Wadi Al Akhdar website  under the  "Visit Lebanon" tab . Some of the most memorable and adventurous meals are often come by in the street. In Beirut, that certainly rings true. No matter which narrow city alley, village souk , or seaside boardwalk you find yourself exploring, there’s bound to be a delicious bite within arm’s reach. While meaty shawarma wraps and lahm bi ajeen pies readily come to mind in Lebanon, there is in fact a myriad of vegan foods to appeal to every palate. These savory meatless munchies form an integral part of Lebanese cuisine. To be quite frank, going vegan in Lebanon may prove to be an effortless endeavor! Lebanese falafel inside pita bread ( photo source ) Manakish Za’atar Pizza is to the Italians as “manakish” is to the Lebanese. It’s all about fresh-baked, soft, round flatbread crafted before your very eyes. If you’re visiting a Lebanese furn , or bakery,