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You’re No Lebanese Gourmet Unless…

This article has been adapted from the original version, which is published on the  Al Wadi Al Akhdar website  under the  "Visit Lebanon" tab . The delectable Lebanese (and Levantine!) dessert konafa ( photo source ) Lebanese people naturally gravitate toward good food. This is no mere generalization or exaggeration. The reality is that we lay claim to an aesthetically- and tummy-pleasing cuisine that demands only the finest, freshest produce and meat. That kind of pickiness at the table forges a very discriminating palate, which is why wherever we wander in the world, you can immediately single us out. We happily lap up at the table of good and plenty, and we make it known. So how do you spot a fellow Lebanese gourmet? Here are five food-related behaviors that quickly betray our identities!   As sure as the sun rises, your day invariably begins with labneh and zaatar. Admittedly, a vast number of Lebanese are lactose-intolerant, but that’s never prevented us from enj