The Limited Edition Raclette Burger from Crepaway

Georges seated us at a table along the glass railing, overlooking the hustle and bustle of the mall, and proceeded to hand us the large Crepaway menus.

“We’re here for the Raclette burgers,” I announced, gently declining the menu and requesting a Perrier.

“Ok, I’ll be right back with your order,” replied Georges, peering at me intently before inquiring whether we were bloggers.

“Uh, yes,” I conceded. “I’m Beirutista.”

“Ooh, so does that mean I’ll be featured on your blog?”

The burgers, dear boy!

Within a scant few minutes, and I do mean minutes, two runners arrived with salvers balancing open-faced burgers. Supple, poppy-seed bun slathered with a lick of special sauce. Grilled Angus beef patty. Pan-fried hash brown. Crisp lettuce. Juicy tomato. And the pièce de résistance: a thick sheet of molten Raclette cheese slowly sliding off a metal tray and onto the beef.

The Thrilling Raclette Burger from Crepaway

Crown the tower with the top bun and go at it cautiously. It’s a high-rise, subject to toppling if you don’t clutch it properly. I cut mine in half to clarify the starting point.

The advantage of Raclette, as with mozzarella, is that it oozes when warmed and its flavors are ever so subtle. Chargrilled beef still pierces through prominently with every chew. The soft, brioche-like bun could be slightly less voluminous, but perhaps that’s a good thing, to foster a firm grasp and to soak up all those juices.

Bunned beauty

Don’t expect fries with this bunned beauty, because you’ve already got the carb fix in hash brown form. I pulled mine out to relish on its own and to give my jaws a break from all the unhinging action going on.

The folks at Crepaway nix the typical mayo-drenched coleslaw for pickled cabbage with a hint of cloves. It’s an interesting substitute, to be certain, reminiscent of sauerkraut with a sweet aftertaste. So many foreign influences in one platter – Swiss Raclette, American hash brown, German sauerkraut – which reinforces Crepaway’s image as the eatery that delivers taste inspiration from around the world.

Catch the thrills while they last, for the Raclette burger isn’t a permanent addition.

But rest assured, Georges. This article is, and your name will forever reside in the blogging annals of Beirutista. So you’re practically famous now ;)

The Thrilling Raclette burger sells for 20,750 LBP ($13.67) and is available for dine-in only.

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