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If you’re in the business of staying in business, you should become good friends with a little thing called innovation. The only constant is change, as the saying goes, so if you intend to continue carving out a slice of the market doing whatever it is you do, it’s important to stay relevant.

The folks over at know it all too well. As the name suggests, was established primarily as a delicatessen, serving up all types of North American sandwiches, like smoked meat from Montreal, lobster rolls from New England, roast beef, and a slew of other meaty (and veggie) delights. The sandwich roster was complemented by four massive pans of daily rotating salads, conceived by Executive Chef Dory Masri, who trained under the UK’s finest – the world’s, rather – Mr. Gordon Ramsay.

Breakfast also figured into the menu, paying homage to eggs Benedict, pancakes, fresh in-house baked goods, and juices. And that about wrapped it up (pun intended).

The food scene as we know it is a swiftly evolving monster, recently overtaken by health bowls, Poké, and noodles. Hop over to LA, and if you spy anyone not wolfing down a custom-made raw fish dish buckling under the weight of rice, sushi-grade salmon or tuna, and seaweed, I’ll let you poke me.

And now, thanks to, you can partake in the same activity, only was savvy enough to feature a cooked counterpart, too (bless them!).

Let’s start with the Mainland Salmon & Cado Bowl. But before we do, a lesson in pronunciation, if you’ll indulge me. It’s “CAH-do” rhyming with bravado, not “CAY-do” rhyming with Play-Doh. Please master that. Thank you.

Back to the bowl. Fresh salmon, sticky rice, pickled ginger, cucumber, tobiko, yuzu, and soy dressing (28,000 LL). It’s hearty, it’s filling, and it’s healthy. The dressing might need a little extra oomph to bind all ingredients together seamlessly, but it’s almost there.

Mainland Salmon & Cado Bowl

Prefer your meat hot and cooked? Yeah, me too. Opt for the Teriyaki Salmon Bowl (28,000 LL), which counts among its constituents edamame, carrots, avocado, lime and sesame seeds. It’s absolutely revitalizing.

Teriyaki Salmon Bowl

If beef is your craving, you’re going to chow down the Stir-Fried Beef & Soba Noodles (28,000 LL) with eyes wide open and possibly a few utterances. It’s animated with broccoli, bell pepper, onions, jalapeno and a lemony soy dressing that’ll really whet your appetite.

Stir-Fried Beef & Soba Noodles

Some of us might reject the bowl trend altogether and demand a wrap. This is, after all, wrap specialist and sandwich connoisseur at large. Try the new South American-Style Chicken (28,000 LL) ladled with spicy chicken, sautéed bell pepper, onions, fresh avocado, and zesty Chipotle sauce with a side of dill pickle and potato chips. You really won’t want to share this one.

If you’re feeling a sweet tooth descending, check the counter for the Lazy Cake squares. They’re supremely chocolaty and probably need a swirl of vanilla soft-serve – Deli'co's got that, too – to cut through the silky richness. Admittedly, you’ve gone and undone your healthy meal, but who says you can’t skip breakfast the next morning? Tell your dietitian to take it up with me if she goes berserk at the mere thought.

Lazy Cake, Orange Polenta, and soft-serve swirl

On my next visit to, I want to try the stack of pancakes and Belgian waffles, gluten-free. Okay, no, I don’t. But it’s nice to know they exist. Diners across the world are demanding that they do. And if that’s the case, you gotta give it to them. knows what’s up. #TheyGotThis.

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