Beirut Souks Spectacle

What's the story behind the dummy lying face down beneath a bench in Beirut Souks? At first I thought she was a human making a statement of some sort, as even up close, the body seems real. But yesterday, as I stopped to study the spectacle after work, a fellow bystander explained she was just a dummy, and noticing my disbelief, he walked up to her and nudged her with his foot. The body easily gave.

Bizarre and creepy. What's the scoop?


  1. Unrelated, but can you please try these: and let us know all about them?

    Thanks! :D

    1. They're not available in Beirut. If I were to guess, they're probably a hit in UAE and the Gulf, where other interesting "novelties", like Burger King's pizza-burger, have been introduced:

      See also Pizza Hut's Crown Crust pizza:

      (By the way, it's totally untrue that people in this part of the world--at least in Lebanon--can't discern between different American foods as the NPR article suggests. Lebanese diners are very savvy of many international cuisines, and I'm sure few would fall for the burger/pizza fusion. That's probably why it never made it here!)

  2. Turns out the woman is an art installation by famous artist Mark Jenkins (!


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