Birthday Blessing

My birthday was a few days ago, on the 1st of November, and I was moved beyond words by the flurry of warm wishes of friends and loved ones from all around the world. I was especially touched by those who mentioned the blog and how earnestly they enjoy reading it. One friend and former MIT hallmate composed this beautiful poem for the occasion (thank you, Ibon!):

Worldly Beirutista,
You were born a bridge between
The paradise gardens of the East
And the silicon valleys of the West.
Salt of land, perfume of sea,
Music of the Beirut breeze.

How lucky, those who are from anywhere
and nowhere.
They fly over bushes and waves,
Not caught in between.
Alas, cannot take care of what they love.

I like peanut butter with pita bread.

You hear America singing,
But write sweet songs in Beirut,
And see Lebanon smiling.

Happy Birthday, Danielle.

I vow to continue the adventure, be it sweet or bittersweet! Thank you, dear readers, for your love, support, and loyalty. It is an honor serving you.


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