Tip Talk

Has anyone ever noticed how everything in Lebanon requires a tip?
  1. You stop at the pump for gas. The gas station attendant squeegees your car's windshield. You tip him.
  2. You go to the car wash, and suddenly five attendants are scrubbing, drying, and buffing your car. You scratch your head as you hand each of them a tip.
  3. Your house water tank depletes and you call a water truck to replenish it. You tip the provider.
  4. You take a taxi from point A to point B. You pay your fare and tip the driver.
  5. You visit the salon to have your hair coiffed. You tip the apprentice to wash it, and you tip the hair stylist for not singing it with the straightening iron.
  6. You buy groceries from the supermarket, and the bag boy insists on toting your bags to your car. You tip him.
  7. Your concierge rushes to your side when he sees you unloading the groceries from the car. He helps you carry them to your doorstep. You tip him.
  8. You order a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop. The coffee's already overpriced, but the cashier gently nudges the glass jar filled with singles in your direction. You can't help but tip him.
  9. You order a meal to your home or office. You tip the delivery boy.
  10. You go to your local shisha cafe for arguileh and some nibbles. You tip your waiter and you tip the boy tending to your shisha coals. Then you tip the valet parker on your way out.
  11. You visit a restaurant, cafe, pub, lounge, cinema, mall, shopping center, sporting club, mountain resort, place of worship even. If there's no posted parking fee, you can bank on the fact that you have a valet parker to tip.
  12. You get engaged and your parish priest blesses the engagement rings. You tip him.
  13. You reserve a church wherein to exchange vows or baptize your child. You tip the priest.
I think I need a budget just for tipping.

Readers, what have I missed?


  1. This reminds me of the movie "Goodfellas". At the beginning of the movie, the main character, an Italian living in New York in the 50s, give 20$ to every person he sees, the guys who opens the door at the restaurant, the waiter, the people who simply say hello to him - all this in attempt to impress his date :P


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