Curious Sightings Around Town

1. Tannourine can't decide on whether they prefer 8-mm or 12-mm caps on their 500-mL water bottles. The difference is palpable: 50% more height gives you more grip and thus makes the twist on/off process so much easier. At first, I thought the high-tops were the newer batches, but a quick check of production dates stamped on the bottles proves they're still producing the midget-tops, too. Is this a gimmick by Tannourine to see whether consumers notice and dial in with their impassioned feedback? I wonder if their executive management knows that even one added centimeter of height can translate into tens of thousands of extra dollars annually in material costs.

2. Yesterday morning on my way to work, I spotted this funny character pushing his kaak trolley across the Tabaris highway. All decked out in a red costume befitting a zaffé troupe, together with a matching red tarboush, the kaak man was perspiring fiercely as he parked his cart on the side of the road. I wonder if the outfit generates more sales--it's certainly an attention-grabber!

3. Fauchon has gone tropical with its traditional French pastries. They are piping their eclairs with a variety of flavored crème pâtissière, from lemon to mango. Light and refreshing, these treats are perfect for the hot summer ahead.

4. Ever heard of dragon fruit? The fruit of a cactus species, pitaya, as it is properly known, can have a red or white flesh and is speckled with tiny black seeds (similar to those of kiwi). Indigo on the Roof jazzes up their fruit salads with these exotic produce.


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