My Latest Food Discovery: Sandwiched

Over the weekend, we discovered Sandwiched, a gem of an eatery with outlets in Antelias and Jounieh. I’d seen the delivery menu several months ago, with appetizing selections like “Duck Foie Gras” in a French baguette and toasted delights like “Turkey and Cheese.” Naturally, I was enticed, so putting in the order on Saturday afternoon and awaiting the delivery man with earnest was inevitable.
Each sandwich came in a sizeable square box that opened nicely with its flap-back lid. Inside, an equally sizeable square sandwich with butter-toasted American sliced bread laid staring back at us. A beautiful golden-brown, it was cut into two right down the middle, and gently pulling out one of the halves exposed a warm, stringy web of cheese layered with deli turkey meat. I sunk my teeth into the sandwich, immediately tasting a mix of Italian herbs which complemented the subtle flavors of the cheese. This is the signature sandwich for those who profess to simple chow.

Now “The Mighty” (12,000LL) is on the other extreme of the complexity spectrum. Stuffed with marinated chicken breast, bacon strips, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and a rich dose of melted Swiss, its crowning achievement is a sweet BBQ sauce which wonderfully binds all the ingredients together. There’s something so homey about this sandwich, which I would definitely nab over its burger counterpart, the “BBQ Bacon’n mushrooms.” It’s easy to clutch; everything stays nicely tucked in; and not one ingredient is out of place. The ingredient synergy is so impeccable that I am sure the sandwich would fare beautifully even without the smear of mayo. I have that much faith in its culinary prowess.

There’s a whole lot more on Sandwiched’s menu that I’ve committed to memory for future food fests. The “Faluche” features a halloumi patty dished up with bacon and a crispy omelet, with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles to give it a bit of fresh flair. The “Beef’n wine” reminds me of a boeuf bourgignon incorporated into sandwich form, with beef simmered in red wine sauce and topped with Swiss and mushrooms before being baked in the oven.
This is the stuff all-American diners are made of.


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