A Preview of Crepaway's New Autumn Menu Items

Autumn marks the season for new beginnings. A new school year for students; new collections inside clothes stores; and for some restaurants, newly revamped menus. Crepaway’s paving the way, unloading a slew of creative new dishes in all branches beginning next Wednesday October 22. We were fortunate to get a premier taste last night at their Sodeco outlet.

In the appetizers category, Crunchy Bites are crescent-shaped battered shrimp paired with tartar and cocktail sauces. Onion Kings are crispy onion rings nicely complemented by honey mustard.

Two new additions made it to the salads section. I sampled the Pastalocca, a mélange of rocca leaves and penne lightly coated in pesto, topped with grilled chicken strips, parmesan shavings, roasted pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and basil vinaigrette on the side. This salad can easily double as a satisfying main, and it is scrumptious. The other newbie is dubbed Quinoise, and as you can probably guess, it’s quinoa meets Nicoise with an original raspberry dressing to lift it up out of its traditionally banal territory.

Four new burgers as well as a reappearance by last year’s Hole Good Burger are on the menu. We shared the Tex, a Southwest-American-inspired number complete with Angus beef patty, melted cheddar, avocado slices, grilled jalapenos, onions and green bell peppers all bound together with a finger-licking Cajun sauce. That burger is first-rate.

The Halo comes in a sesame-studded bagel bun and sandwiches a grilled chicken breast with three cheese poppers, tomato slices, and a slick of garlic mayo. The accompanying coleslaw doesn’t go without notice: it is refreshingly light, not swimming in mayo as coleslaws tend to do, and is ornamented with quinoa seeds.

There’s also a Cordon Blues beef burger that’s filled at the core with cheese and layered with crispy bacon, onion rings and Dijonnaise. Nearby diners were raving about it. The Chick Flick is a breaded chicken breast garnished with pickles and lettuce and animated with cheddar, garlic mayo, and Buffalo sauce. 

If you’re at Crepaway for their namesake crepes, opt for the new savory option called Frida, another Cajun-influenced dish stuffed with chicken breast and offered with the requisite guacamole.

Now for the sweet stuff, and here’s where Crepaway’s cooking team really showcase their flair. The Cannelle is like apple pie inside a crepe: caramelized apple cubes scented with cinnamon over a cheesecake filling, with a dollop of caramel-flavored ice cream and flourishes of caramel fudge to round out the dish. It is autumn in a bite, and you will swoon with a mere spoon of it.

Marion is lemon-meringue pie in crepe form. Donutella is an ode to Nutella for all you fanatics of the chocolate spread, though from its name I was half-expecting a donut-crepe duo. Valentine features cheesecake filling and raspberry jam crowned with berry coulis and melted white chocolate for an ultimate sugar frenzy.

If you like your desserts supremely decadent, the Melteaser is for you. A brownie base sits beneath a Malteser-infused marble ice cream body and is smothered with real caramel and chocolate fudge. The Munchmallow is a complex fusion of baked cheesecake with a roasted marshmallow hat. The pool of chocolate sauce and crushed hazelnuts surrounding it are a dessert in their own right.

Crepaway hits the mark with their reinvented menu items. They’ve nailed a myriad of new flavor combinations that tempt the palate, and you’d be amiss if you didn’t pop in this season for a taste!

Prices of dishes were not available at time of tasting.


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