The Peak of Luxurious Rooftop Lounging in Beirut

With the advent of longer days and sunny blue skies, one thing’s certain: you’ll want to spend every leisurely minute outdoors. But in Beirut, the city din and the congestion of cars don’t lend themselves favorably to the trottoir scene, which is why rooftops are so valuable. They thrust you up high from the hustle and bustle on the ground all whilst allowing you to remain in the heart of the city. And the stunning views they lavish aren’t half-bad either. 

Since last summer, I’ve become enamored with The Roof at Four Seasons, perched on the 26th floor of the hotel tower in Minet el Hosn. Don’t make the mistake of comparing the space to Iris, where guests can be seen cramped awkwardly around tables and sofas competing for elbow room and seating.

A flute of champagne with an assortment of Japanese mouth-pleasers at The Roof

The Roof requires its own taxonomic classification in the genus of rooftops. There’s a variety of lounging options available, depending on your mood. High-stools line the glass panels on the periphery, the perfect setting for a tête-a-tête offering unobstructed vantage points of Zaitunay Bay, Beirut, the mountains and the vast Mediterranean yonder. Sofas and cushioned wicker chairs make for convivial group gatherings. Chaise-longues surround the pool deck on the north end, and there are even curtain-drawn mattresses for those longing for a bit of naptime.

The ambiance is smart-casual and decidedly laidback, which is what truly distinguishes The Roof from its counterparts: it’s a real, no-fuss, no-frills atmosphere. You might bump into the voir-et-être-vu society, but probably on their night off from people-watching. Folks come here to unwind and chill over impeccable cocktails, delicious Asian-inspired tapas, and smooth beats spun by the DJ.

The setting and views

For a pleasurable gastronomic fix, be sure you try Chef Sotiris’ two-bite siu mai dumplings stuffed with mouthwatering shrimp. The hulking chicken and beef satay are marinated with Thai spices and, dipped in the accompanying robust peanut sauce, will sate your appetite. Succulent sliders sandwiched between slightly-sweet Chinese steamed buns are out of this world delicious. End on a refreshing note with creamy, homemade ice cream in flavors as original as karabij, banoffee, strawberries and cream, and chocolate brownie.

Japanese gyoza

Tender beef satay with crushed peanuts

It really doesn’t get any better than this, so if it’s the iconic #LifeWithAView you’re after, trust me—you’ve come to the right roost. 

Some photos have been reproduced from the hotel's online gallery

Four Seasons Hotel
The Roof
+961 1 761000


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