Ramy & Rayan Rasamny Scaling Mountains for Himaya

Ramy and Rayan Rasamny are no strangers to a formidable challenge. The cousins, both 29 years old, are outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and sports fans who have channeled that passion to mountain-climbing.

Last September, the duo embarked on a journey to the summit of Mont Blanc in the Alps, hardly looking to add a trophy to their collection of accolades. In fact, they were raising money and awareness for Himaya, an organization that shelters, cares for, and educates child victims of abuse. Their ascent to Mont Blanc helped them amass over US $10,000 to fund one year of education for 30 children.

Rayan (left) and Ramy Rasamny are cousins

In the wake of this awe-inspiring feat, Rayan, a finance graduate from the AUB, and Ramy, who holds a law degree from King’s College London, are back at it, this time taking on Matterhorn, or Mont Cervino as it is known in French, which straddles the main watershed and border between Switzerland and Italy. The elevation? An impressive 4,478 meters.

Matterhorn is often referred to as the Mountain of Mountains. Shaped like a jagged tooth, it attracts adventurers in pursuit of a mythical climb. Every year, an estimated 300-400 people attempt to mount the peak with a guide; of them, about 20 fail to reach the summit. Roughly 3,500 people annually tackle the Matterhorn without a guide, but 2/3 of them turn back en route, usually due to lack of fitness or poor weather conditions. In the nearly 150 years that mountain climbing treks have been documented on the Matterhorn, 500 deaths were reported.

Which is what makes the Rasamny cousins’ endeavor all the more intriguing. They cite honor and privilege to climb under the banner of the Himaya Foundation in an effort to raise US $15,000 to help rehabilitate the center and truly transform it into a home for the children who reside there.


Upon their return from Mont Blanc, they shared snippets of their arduous journey with the kids at the shelter and were mesmerized by the rapture with which they were met. Framing it a charity climb simply didn’t do justice to the feeling of belonging and self-importance the children felt after hearing of the two grown men’s struggle and tears shed to finish the expedition.

The cousins embrace on the summit of Mont Blanc

The Matterhorn ascent is already underway, spanning ten days between the 10th and 20th of July. Rasamny Younes Motor Company (RYMCO), Century Motor Company, and Virgin Radio Lebanon have sponsored the climb, but Rayan and Ramy need our support for Himaya’s cause. Every dollar goes a long way, so let’s do what we can to prod them along to success.

Only 17 days to go, and the fund goal of US $15,000 remains far from met.

Please donate here and spread the word. Pledges will be accepted through July 31.

Track their progress on the Matterhorn Ascent on Facebook.


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