Cool Finds at Wesley’s Wholesale In Hazmieh

It’s been over three weeks now, and Wesley’s Hazmieh is pulsating with life! If you haven’t had the chance to visit the two-story megastore nestled on Camille Chamoun Boulevard roughly opposite Galaxy, “missing out” just doesn’t start to capture it. Your meek existence in Lebanon will totally transform with just one Wesley’s shopping spree, but don’t let me sway you. Let the products do the talking.

Wesley's Hazmieh staff

Spread across 3,000 square meters with two separate entrances and five check-out stands, Wesley's Hazmieh is split into food and nonfood sections. The former encapsulates fresh, dry, frozen, chilled and bulk sizes. The latter gathers up everything home and bedroom (linens, pillows, home organizers, plastics), cleaners and laundry, health and beauty, cookware, furniture, basic clothing, pets, and paper (toilet, towels, and disposables). 

The store is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm, and the parking lot accommodates over 175 cars (happily no valet!). Shipments come in twice a month, so there's always something new on the shelves.

Now let's dive into some of my cool finds from Wesley's inventory!

“Toula, put some __ on it!” Can you fill in the blank? You guessed it, my fellow “Big Fat Greek Wedding” fanatics! Guys, there really is no replacement for Windex, that stuff is the water of life! Well not quite, but still, it’s terribly effective on windows and mirrors, and possibly zits, but I can’t vouch for that. Wesley’s sells a sizable Windex Pro 32-oz. bottle for LBP 9,750 LL.

Photo source:

Moving right along. You almost forget just how soft Kleenex-brand facial tissues actually are. They are nothing short of a REVELATION, plush as velvet despite their strong and absorbent fabric (160-count, 2-ply for LBP 5,000). Forget Fine, Mimosa, Gypsy, and all that other sandpaper – Kleenex is king. And thank you, just thank you, for that sturdy cardboard box the tissues come in. Where did Lebanese brands even conceive the idea of a plastic sack for tissue casing? Supremely odious.

Clay 1 Clay 1
Soft and smooth as silk, I kid you not! 

Are you an avid home baker? I’ve got good news for you, because Wesley’s has aisles full of topnotch bakeware and cookware brands like Cake Boss and Circulon. 

Cake Boss baking novelties

Back up to the ground floor, you’ll find an aisle dedicated exclusively to Bob’s Red Mill flours and meals, cereals, granola, ready mixes, grains, beans, seeds, and oats. Anyone tried their gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix? Killer.

Red Mill flour range

While you’re there, check out my favorite aisles (yes, there are two!) housing the boxed cereals, mueslis, and granolas. They’ve got the healthy stuff, like Barbara’s, Weetabix, and Honey Bunches of Oats, but your kids will find solace in Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, and Frosted Flakes, so it’s a win-win! 

And since we’re making concessions, I bought a hulking 35.3-oz. box of Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Granola (LBP 19,500) that sent my husband reeling in revulsion. He dismisses it as bird food, but what does he know? Amidst its heavenly rolled oats, brown rice flour, sea salt, molasses and cinnamon, this blend contains 700-mg of Omega-3 per serving, which is nearly half the recommended daily value! I’m still not sharing.

Another thing the Americans excel at: tortilla chips. I’m talking Tostitos crispy rounds (10-oz. bag for LBP 8,500) that have the perfect structural rigidity to scoop up Tostito's chunky medium all-natural salsa (16-oz. jar for LBP 7,250). Or how about Kettle Brand Chips, those beautiful, tawny gold-color potato lamelles seasoned with spices and fresh-from-the-field character? They come in flavors as bold as red curry, jalapeno, sriracha, honey Dijon, and maple bacon.

Kettle brand chips in bulk!

Italian cuisine amores, rejoice, for not only is Wesley’s importing goods from the New World, but they’ve got your beloved boot-shaped country at heart and are shipping in its finest. Traditional Genovese pesto? Check. Olio Basso’s extra virgin olive oil with chili pepper? Double check. Pepperoncini-infused penne pasta? Check. Don’t forget tricolore spaghetti, and balsamic sauces and glazes galore.

Most of all, I’m rejoicing that I’ll never again have to pathetically beg for an extra quarter slice of a whole dill pickle on future visits to I can finally stock up on my own by Vlasic, courtesy of Wesley’s (46-oz. for LBP 12,000).

Whole dill pickles (photo source:

If all this hasn’t whetted your appetite, I have no words for you. Sadly, your condition is hopeless. In fact, you should probably check out Wesley’s gourmet chocolate rack for high-strength treatments. Caution: swallow responsibly!

Taza Chocolate -- you haven't started living until you've had Taza

Wesley's Wholesale
Blvd. Camille Chamoun
Antoine Gharios Center

For other branches, see here.


Beirutista has joined forces with Wesley’s Wholesale as Brand Ambassador. What exactly does that mean? Well, if you liked this post, you can look forward to similar ones every month or so. I’ll also be blogging about a variety of exciting new projects Wesley’s has underway, in addition to sneak peeks and product leaks! Expect cool new product giveaways from time to time, and if you’re a real Wesley’s obsessive like I am, I’ll gladly hook you up with 10% off your next visit. Just shoot me a message at any of my contact coordinates listed here


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