Springtime at Wesley's: Easter Shenanigans & Horeca

Ah, springtime. When a young man’s thoughts turn to affection. When flowers start to bloom again. When the weather (supposedly) takes a turn for the sunny as daylight extends its business hours.

Enough of the fluff, I know a good half of you are counting down the days to Easter so that you can inhale buttery maamoul mounds stuffed with every nut and jam variation in the book. And if you insist that those semolina cookies lay no claim to your paunch, you’re probably entertaining dreams of the Lindt bunny and Cadbury creme eggs. 

The indispensable Cadbury Easter display

How well do I know you, eh, eh?

Indeed, Easter is a mere two weeks away, but at Wesley’s Wholesale, the eggs are already nestled in their nests and the edibles are on display in happy array. Yes, you can find all your American and European favorites, including the entire Kinder product line, from Surprise and Choco-Bons to more elaborate gift sets featuring bunny-shaped chocolate shells. The essential Cadbury creme eggs, which verily resemble an egg with its albumen and yolk, also made it over on the banana boat and are waiting for your kids to lap them up.

Kinder egg surprise, anyone? And no, they're not just for kids!

If you’re ashamed to be seen in public with these kiddy novelties, head upstairs to my favorite floor at Wesley’s Hazmieh carved out exclusively for Orange Label. The showroom houses premium international brands that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in Lebanon. Every time I pop in, I discover new goodies: Booja-Booja champagne truffles, anyone? Paired with a bottle of pink Lanson champagne, these are the ultimate chocolate revelation.

Booja-Booja champagne truffles

More Booja-Booja chocolates in adorable egg cases

Save space for Holdsworth exquisite handmade chocolates from the UK that come in the most endearing cubes painted with pastel colors and bird prints.

Holdsworth handmade chocolates

Easter-inspired Holdsworth Chocolates

Holdsworth Fizzy Eggs

Also hailing from the British isle are Thorntons’ milk chocolate eggs with flavors inspired by fudge brownie, pecan pie and lemon meringue pie. And to think that all this time, we thought the Brits only capable of tea, crumpets, and marmite!

Thorntons, Lindt and other chocolates on display at Orange Label

Speaking of tea, ceremonial grade Matcha from Japan has its very own shelf space at Orange Label – call off your search for the precious green tea powder! Can’t indulge in the egg-cracking festivities Easter morning without some warm liquid elixir to wash it all down, now, can we!

And since we’re on the subject of kitchen shenanigans, Wesley’s wants to see what grand baking marvels you hatch up for Easter this year, so be sure to tag @wesleyswholesale and hashtag #wesleysathome for a chance to win a bundle of prizes in time for the holiday. Tempt us with your breathtaking pastry-making skills (and feel free to send me over some samples, you know, for quality control) so we can reward them with cloyingly saccharin treats! Contest runs now through Wednesday, April 12, and the winner will be announced the same day.

If you haven’t noticed them already, monthly in-store fliers called American Cart are now available at the main entrance and cashier desks of all Wesley’s outlets. Pick one up to see which products are being featured and to check out my recommended item of the month [hint: it’s cereal! (obviously)].

Oh, all right. But only if you insist. Here it is!


And arriving earlier than the Easter Bunny this year is Horeca Lebanon 2017, a massive exposition featuring 350+ vendors from the hospitality industry. Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, April 4, through Friday, April 7, between the hours of 3 and 9 PM, come visit the show in Biel and be sure to make a cameo at the Wesley’s stand (C-18/D-19).

I’ll be there (woot woot!), as will several of the hard-working folks behind the family-run operation (have you met Farrah?). Mingle with us over FREE freshly brewed coffee and sweets, and go gung ho on tasting samples (Tues/Wed only). 

Who doesn't enjoy free samples?

Drop your business card in the glass bowl from which one lucky ducky will be drawn to take home a Wesley's gift box valued at $150.

Who knows? You just might win!
Be sure to pass by Wesley's Horeca stand and drop in your business card

In the spotlight will be dozens of products ranging from grocery to houseware, kitchenware, health and beauty. There’s even a special rack of my Top Five recommended items at Wesley’s, and aren't you itching to know what floats my boat (er, shopping cart)!

It wouldn’t be Wesley’s if there weren’t some sort of giveaway involved, so brush up on your general American trivia—you know, grade school stuff like US presidents, US geography, states and capitals—for an opportunity to score a heaping goodie bag! The contests will span the first two days of Horeca, April 4-5, starting at 6 PM.

All right, now that you’re officially in the Wesley’s know, get crackin’! 

Temptation lurks!

Blvd. Camille Chamoun
Antoine Gharios Center

For Jnah and Jal el Dib branches, check here.


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