Zaatar W Zeit's New "Super-Natural Green" Wrap

The riddle has been solved. The puzzle is now complete.

Who and what were behind the enigmatic green Superman logo encasing a three-leaf bouquet?

Lebanon’s famous restaurant chain Zaatar W Zeit owned up to the teaser. Last night, in an exclusive event at its ABC Dbayeh stronghold that beckoned a roster of social media foodie influencers, the brand tied all the loose ends by debuting a new “super-natural” wrap boasting spinach flatbread. Donning the color of lushness and fertility, the wrap happens to coincide with ZWZ’s signature hue – green.

Here's the all-new "Super-Natural Green" spinach flatbread by ZWZ

The spinach wrap is something novel to the Lebanese food world, but in a global context, spinach flour, and spinach pasta for that matter, have been around for ages. While the wrap doesn’t really evoke the flavors of Popeye’s favorite vegetable, an unmistakable suppleness is imparted to the carb envelope, and you wolf it down confident that it’s healthier than its refined flour counterpart.

So what’s inside? I found it to be classic ZWZ: cubes of roasted chicken breast doused in light garlic-mayo dressing, with iceberg and beef bacon bits for a welcome textural contrast. Though the bacon was admittedly rather hard to chew – borderline abrasive – it provided a foil to the soft feel of the flatbread. I’d actually be a little more adventurous and experiment with tangy flavors, like dried cranberries, to really break through the mayo. Or how about reinforcing the green theme with slices of avocado? That would give this wrap an archetypical LA profile and almost, though not quite, embody detox in solid format.

The “Super-Natural Green” is certainly worth a try while ZWZ features it over the span of a month, beginning today. It won’t bulk you up like the Hulk, and it won’t swell your biceps as it did for Popeye, but it will help you meet your 5-a-day veggie fix. Graze on that green foliage, and let me know what you think!

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