The Almighty Power of a Greeting Card

Ask an adult what their fondest memories of childhood are, and you’re certain to hear mention of a festive birthday party, or graduation from elementary school, or perhaps a visit from the tooth fairy. Life is punctuated by tiny moments of pure, unadulterated happiness. Capturing those precious memories with a greeting card allows us to celebrate them again and again as we grow older.

As children of the '90s, the overarching philosophy taught at school was “it’s not the gift that counts but the thought behind it.” In fact, gifts took a backseat to charming, sometimes handmade, greeting cards. Mother’s Day around the corner? We’d fashion a colorful card from construction paper and insert silly vouchers Mom could cash in, like “one free carwash” or “breakfast in bed” delivered by us kids.

If we were on the receiving end of someone’s generosity, we'd eagerly anticipate the greeting card that accompanied the present. I’m not exaggerating. The first thing we did when we received a glossy gift bag was fish inside for the envelope nestled in the folds of the tissue paper. We would pull out the card, study its message carefully, scan the brand on the back, and then proceed to unveil the gift. Can anyone else relate?

Greeting cards are NOT old school. They're as relevant today as ever!

Young folks reading this are probably rolling their eyes in disdain or pitying my generation for our attachment to stationery. But let me ask you this: when was the last time someone took the time to buy you a card, jot a personal note inside, seal and address it in an envelope, and send it through the mail to you? How special did it make you feel? Nothing like a greeting card to inspire a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Call me sentimental, but I’ve held on to almost every single card I’ve received throughout the years -- and no, I'm not a pack-rat. I may not have the space to store all the gifts I’ve ever amassed, but there’s always room for a slender paper greeting card stashed in a box with its brethren. And any time I want to take a stroll down memory lane, I pull out that treasure chest from under my bed, ready a box of tissues, and proceed to re-read those beautiful cards and messages from bygone days.

In Beirut, Wesley Wholesale’s Orange Label has an extensive collection of cards for every occasion and in every tone imaginable, from the sweet and cheerful to the sardonic and ruthless.

Emily McDowell cards incessantly delight with their unabashed humor and capacity to convey what might actually require a lot of courage from your end. Her empathy cards work wonders for those melancholic moments when it's simply too hard to speak. 

Love/Valentine's Day card from Emily McDowell (photo source)

A stellar empathy card that sort of eases the burden through humor (photo source)

Rifle Paper Co are distinctively artistic, with an emphasis on pastel hues and floral prints. They’re also low on the mumbo jumbo – hey, we need not all be verbose and lovey-dovey! If that sounds like you, this is your card. You’ll probably enjoy exploring Red Cap Cards as well, which speak volumes through their aesthetic appeal.

A beautiful Thank You card from Rifle Paper Co (photo source)

For something a bit more saucy, a bit more vulgar, and a lot more rude, Ohh Deer is your best bet. With new baby congrats messages as caustic as “Let's just hope it doesn't get your looks,” these cards are destined for folks with a tougher skin and the ability to laugh out loud at themselves.

Ohh, Deer cards walk on the wild side (pictured here, 
a card whose text reads "I like you even though you can be kind of a dick sometimes.")

A selection of Ohh, Deer cards: terse and amusing!

Anytime I’m visiting Wesley's Orange Label, I literally camp out at the cards display, skimming through creative punch lines and funny illustrations. And while we usually think of cards for big occasions – from engagements and weddings to baptisms, First Communions, graduations, and Father’s Day (June 21st!) – there’s a breed of cards designed “just because.” They don’t necessitate a holiday or a milestone. They exist simply to capture a hilarious observation or to demonstrate you care.

I love exploring greeting cards and their messages

So next time you’re beating yourself up over what cadeau to buy your beau, or what present to get your pheasant (okay, that's outlandish, but it sounded kind of cool!), start with a card. You’ll already be a step ahead, and yours just might make it to that coveted case of cards beneath the bed.

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