Ramadan Prep with Wesley’s

Here in the Land of the Cedars, Ramadan is in full swing, and with it, the daily ritual of fasting for many a Muslim faithful. The wave of heat sweeping across the country surely doesn’t help with the dawn-to-dusk abstinence of food and drink, but careful planning and guided preparation can.

When it comes to inspiration surrounding mealtimes and hosting, Wesley’s Wholesale is your mecca. As soon as you enter the store, pick up an American Cart flyer and leaf through the innumerable deals carved around the month-long holiday. Prices on staples like Royal basmati rice, Mazola corn oil, Hunt’s canned tomatoes, and Durkee paprika are all slashed, so stock your pantry liberally!

Explore table stations throughout the megastore decked with ingredients to stir the senses and get the culinary creative juices flowing. This week, the spotlight’s on pasta, salad, nachos, and garlic bread, so be sure to visit in-store for live demos of delicious mash-ups.

One hot item to try is Mike’s Hot Honey, which, thanks to its “sweet heat” profile, is supremely versatile in both savory foods and dessert. The chili-infused honey is a no-brainer accessory to granola and yogurt at suhoor, just before sunrise. It also makes a magnificent splash on roasted Brussels sprouts, Margherita pizza, or even soup -- experiment with Pacific and Campbells varieties.

Mike's Hot Honey tops granola (I recommend Bear Naked) and yogurt sumptuously

Shop for diyafeh essentials like Folgers Classic Roast and Decaf coffee, Lipton Iced Tea, Tazo tea, Country Time lemonade, and Tang. Munchies span the gamut of Honeyrose shortbread biscuits, Terra chips, Sensible Portions veggie straws, and Pace salsa. Store cookies in a giant jar from Cake Boss and show your guests who’s the real boss, the veritable host(ess) with the most(est).

It's not Helmi's of Batroun, but hey, Country Time lemonade is pretty darn delicious!

Terra chips are crafted from real vegetable roots

Though most Lebanese tend to associate Ramadan with fried Oriental sweets – kellaj and atayef readily come to mind – who said you shouldn't dabble with easy-bake desserts from box to bundt? Go wild with fun baking mixes like Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie from Duncan Hines, or Zesty Lemon from Betty Crocker. Don't forget the icing: Smuckers Hot Fudge frosting spells decadence, whereas Walden Farms zero-calorie fruit syrups are guilt-free.

Wondering what to bake for iftar dessert? Your choices are limitless!

Don’t overlook snacks for suhoor which should be packed with protein and fiber to sustain you through the food-free day. Here, the name of the game are dried fruits like Sunsweet apricots, Figgy Pops supersnacks, and natural fig bars by Nature’s Bakery. If you’ve got an itch for salty edibles, keep it (somewhat) nutritious with Blue Diamond Nut Thins, Pop-Secret popcorn, Cheez-It baked crackers, and Skippy’s creamy or super chunky peanut butter.

For suhoor, you might consider snacks like Cheez-It crackers, Nut Thins, and Pop-Secret popcorn

Ramadan is a time for gatherings, so if you find yourself playing host in this warm weather, you’ll want to be equipped with jazzy outdoor furniture and serving sets. Explore home ware at Wesley’s (you didn’t think the retailer was exclusively about food, did you?), from folding tables to comfy outdoor sofas and – my favorite – huge LoveSac bean bag chairs. There’s even citronella anti-mosquito candles to repel those persistent little pests!

Wesley's sells a wide selection of outdoor furniture

There are folding tables in sizes for all humans, big and small!

Since you’ve read this far in, you deserve a little reward. That’s right – I’m going to tell you exactly how you can score a bundle of imported goodies brimming with Tcho and Taza chocolates, Raisinets, and Terra chips. All you have to do is demonstrate something – anything – you pulled off in the kitchen using at least one ingredient sourced from Wesley’s. Simply post a snapshot on Instagram (profiles should be set to public), hashtag #WesleysAtHome, and you’ll be in the running to nab treats fit for the epicure you are.

Don't forget to participate for your chance to win these products!

Let us not forget that the holy month of Ramadan is about sacrifice, blessings, and intentions. In that spirit, Wesley’s continues to donate food to those less fortunate through Foodblessed. If you want to participate in this noble endeavor, ask your cashier to add a buck or five to your bill and invoke the generosity of the season to feed those in need.

Just a few days ago, a large shipment of donated food went out to Foodblessed

You can help nourish the less fortunate with as little as a $1 donation at the cash register

On behalf of the entire team at Wesley’s Wholesale and Wesley’s Orange Label, I – your trusted insider and brand ambassador of the American imports paradise – would like to wish you Ramadan Mubarak.

Note: during the month of Ramadan, the Jnah outlet will open from 9 AM to 7 PM, while the Hazmieh outlet will remain open until 9 PM as usual.

Hazmieh (Orange Label)
Blvd. Camille Chamoun
Antoine Gharios Center
01-289 555

01-834 411


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