Caramello Delivers Divine Desserts Right To Your Doorstep

I don't usually take my chances with dessert. If you know me, you know I have a predilection for sweet over salty. And I lived in the capital of fine treats – does Paris really need an introduction? So I'm decidedly discerning when it comes to gastronomy.

But I had a good feeling about Caramello. The newly launched home business is the brainchild of a homemaker and self-taught pastry aficionado with 30 years of experience under her belt. For decades she dreamt of sharing her dainty delights with the world, and that dream has finally been realized with the help of her supportive family. On offer? Her specialties are distinctly les macarons, fresh fruit tarts and cheesecakes.

Among Caramello's specialties are les macarons

For my son Alexander's third birthday, we homed in on a Biscoff Lotus cheesecake, fresh strawberry tartlets, and a selection of macarons. I didn't have much customer feedback or testimonials to fall back on, since the operation is new. But the pictures featured on Caramello's Instagram page spoke volumes to me. Like I said, I had a strong feeling we were in for a treat (pun intended).

And boy, were we! Firstly, the delivery of the items is professional. I specified a date and window of time during which I’d be home, and on the day of, Caramello texted me with the driver’s contact info, assuring me that my items had been dispatched. Indeed, the boxes arrived punctually and completely intact. Nothing had budged not even a centimeter during transit, for painstaking care had been taken by the driver to fasten the boxes in place.

Everything arrived neatly intact

The packaging itself is simplistically attractive: white boxes, gold hued trim, and a slotted container for the macarons so that their delicate nature can be preserved. There’s even a QR code on the side of each box that will direct you to Caramello’s Instagram page. Can we take a moment to appreciate the details?

A slotted container ensures the macarons don't shuffle in transit

Notice how the macarons have beautiful calligraphy of Alex’s name. I’ve never beheld such a creative touch!

"H.B. Alex," a birthday greeting for my son!

And now for the taste. That’s why you’re still here reading, right? So far we’ve established that the aesthetics are mesmerizing. And the sweet whiff of sugar that greeted me upon opening each box is effusive. But how does the taste of each dessert measure up?

The Lotus cheesecake is superb. Rich. Creamy. Boldly biscuit-y. A thick layer of crushed biscuits blended with butter forms the bed of this cake, topped with an ethereal layer of whipped cheesecake and blanketed with a fudge-like coat of Biscoff ganache. The biscuits as centerpiece are crunchy with bite and, as I discovered, dip nicely into the cheesecake.

The Lotus cheesecake

Let your eyes take in each carefully crafted layer of this cheesecake

Even the biscuits are fresh and crunchy to the bite

The fresh strawberry tartlets dial down the sugar to rely on the natural sweetness of the berries. And they really pull through! The crème patissière is on point, and the shortbread base is splendidly firm. Even the next day, the tartlets didn’t take on a soggy texture, which is a real marvel.

Individually portioned strawberry tartlets

Caramello is brilliant in that tartlets are placed inside a duo of cupcake liners, the bottom of which is fixed to the cake tray. This ensures that the tartlets don't slide about. 

Finally, the macarons are exactly what you’d expect if you’ve had the original French creations (La Maison Durée's, par exemple). A soft shell yields to a densely chewy and sweet interior that washes down best with tea or coffee. Flavors are as varied as white chocolate, pistachio, rose, and strawberry. You’d never guess these perfectly formed cookies emerged from a home kitchen.

If you’re curious about the menu and price list, you can find it as a Highlight on Caramello’s Instagram page, or you can directly contact the team via WhatsApp on +961 81 982201. At the time of this article’s publication, a dozen macarons sell for USD 12, a fruit tart for nine people commands $18, and a cheesecake of an identical size is $22 (Lotus flavored rings in at $25).

Caramello has my full vote of confidence, and I have no reservations whatsoever recommending it!

My boys Alexander and Stephen

Caramello Lebanon


WhatsApp: +961 81 982201

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