Thinking Pink: Renewed Belief in Lebanese Resilience

It’s easy for us to bash on Lebanon. I mean, truth be told, the country constantly sets itself up for mow-down with its chronic “situations,” and here I’ll refrain from listing them (mostly because the list is never-ending).

But every so often, a glint of beauty appears, a beauty that emerges from the pooled effort of numerous selfless individuals who can see past the throbbing hurt Lebanon both suffers from and induces on its denizens. These individuals remind you what our country is all about—namely warmth and empathy—and that no small exertion goes unnoticed.

I’m referring to the ubiquitous breast cancer campaigns we see brazenly seizing the country. Around the world, October is designated Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual endeavor to spotlight the disease. 

While most people are familiar with it, many neglect its grim realities and put off regular examinations for its early-stage detection. Sure, there have been major strides the world over to battle breast cancer, but there’s still much to be done, and the key is encouraging one another to be in the know.

Posing in solidarity with Ford's Warriors in Pink (photo credit: Serene Tello)

Lebanon has taken a serious stance on breast cancer awareness, and anyone scrolling through Facebook or Instagram will witness the plethora of drives, campaigns, and promotions all rallying around this subject.

One Wig Stand is a non-profit organization committed to spreading knowledge about breast cancer among women aged 45 and younger. Launched in 2010 by the daughter of a survivor, the group aims to build a sustainable network for Lebanese breast cancer patients and to propagate awareness year-round. Earlier this month, they hosted a fundraiser called “Pinking of You,” where a special collection of cards for patients, survivors and their loved ones were on offer.

ABC malls sponsored #ABCMissionPink complete with a cute vintage VW van coated in pink paint. Breakout dance sessions in the mall, press conferences, and visits to schools figured among a tall order of activities the group pursued to heighten public consciousness of breast cancer.

DUO restaurant took a humorous culinary approach to the entire affair by serving pink burgers tinted with beetroot juice. Appropriately featuring a chicken breast as patty, the healthy burger platter contributed 1,500 LBP to the Faire Face Cancer association. The foundation invites patients to share their stories and furnish each other with emotional succor.

I was pleased to represent Ford Motor Company’s Warriors in Pink, a 21-year-old mission to raise awareness through unique media content. Operating via the Middle East public relations consultancy ASDA’A-BM, Ford sent me pink boxing gloves tagged with #IamAwarrior to symbolize the physical and mental fight against the disease. I couldn’t have been more honored to pose in them and splash them across my social media accounts.  

Ford Motor Company's #IamAwarrior campaign (photo credit: Serene Tello)

There are doubtlessly a myriad of other groups putting their best feet forward to animate breast cancer cognizance in Lebanon. How noble it is to see that despite all the rubbish (figuratively and otherwise) plaguing our nation, we haven’t lost sight of other important matters, ones that touch each of our lives and mobilize us to action. 

This month and throughout the year, remember to think pink, even when everything around you seems pitch black.


  1. Great initiative and a wonderful post! It was an honor taking/editing those photos! As usual, you kick***!

  2. Great initiative! Ford are active in this field every year!


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