The Scoop on Bar Tartine's All-New Brunch Buffet

There’s a perfectly good explanation for why Bar Tartine is my no-brainer go-to when dining out is in the cards. To say that the cafe, restaurant, bread baker, and pastry shop in one does everything right might sound overly subjective and ambitious. And any food critic knows there’s always room for improvement.

But gosh darn it, Bar Tartine scores superlative marks when it comes to a tasty purposeful menu; fresh, premium ingredients; great value at affordable prices; smart service; and smooth ambiance. New items are carefully and deliberately introduced to the menu -- the last polish occurred two summers ago, and it’s robustly withstood the test of time. In fact, all the newbies have become my regular orders. (But I’m still wondering about that divine Caprice aux Poires: O where, O where did it go?)

The latest development is a weekend brunch offered exclusively in the Dbayeh outlet. You can imagine how much time, thought, market research, and kitchen experimentation the team must have dedicated to getting things correctly right off the bat, and they pretty much have.

From 9:30 AM to noon every Saturday and Sunday, get your beach-day nourishment in buffet brunch form. Scrambled eggs on toast? Check. A cheese board? Choose between Brie, Chèvre and Emmental. Croissants? In miniature format, featuring plain, cheese, zaatar, almond, and chocolate. Quiche? Oh so buttery. Pressed panini oozing with mozzarella, mushroom, and spinach? Affirmative.

Scrambled eggs with toasted bread

Brie, Chèvre, and Emmental cheeses

Croissant craze!

There’s a small tribute to the Lebanese breakfast staple labneh, complemented by dried zaatar, olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumber coins, and olive oil. Bar Tartine’s fresh baked baguettes and toasted bread chips suitable for dipping and scooping are of course on spotlight.

Four varieties of cereal, from steeled oats to bran flakes, will woo the health-conscious. Choose between skim and soy milk, and nibble on raw nuts and dried fruit for added nourishment.

Pancakes? Present, though they could stand to be fluffier. Load them up with maple syrup, Nutella, peanut butter, honey, flax or chia seeds for a towering effect.

Pancakes with all the fixings; cereal in the background

Dessert lovers will find sweet sanctuary in Bar Tartine’s signature orange cake baked with almond flour, in addition to the flourless moeulleux au chocolat which pairs beautifully with either the strawberry and apricot jams or fresh fruit salad. Mini baba au rhum with whipped cream on the side delivers a dainty little dose of delicious.

An incredibly moist orange cake made with almond flour

And finally, for beverages, have your fill of drip coffee, Kusmi tea, water, and fresh-pressed apple, orange and grapefruit juices.

By 11 AM, the café is buzzing with delighted diners making the rounds about the buffet area and piling their plates lavishly. Staff members hover about to replenish emptying platters and keep the area tidy, something you rarely witness in Lebanese establishments.

What’s the price tag on all this alimentary bliss? Would you believe it’s a very reasonable 28,000 LBP (USD 18.67), all-inclusive? I’m hard-pressed to come up with a better deal in town.

So tuck into bed early this weekend, because you won’t want to miss this brunch fiesta, available at the Bar Tartine Dbayeh outlet only. Let’s hope it cascades to the other BT branches, too – if anything, for the love of bread and friendship!

Next time, I'm going after those babas!

Dbayeh inner road
04-543 049
71-918 999


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