Famous Food Blogger in Lebanon

My favorite food blogger and perhaps the gourmet who inspired my own food fetish is actually in Beirut! David Lebovitz was formerly a professional pastry chef in San Francisco who left the restaurant business in 1999 to pursue book writing. He has lived in Paris for nearly a decade now and blogs about his foodie experiences on his eponymous site. Suffice it to say, its readership is huge.

David has already blogged about how mesmerized he is with Lebanese breakfast, particularly the white cheeses, jams, zaatar, pickled veggies, and warm bread (he's lodging at the Four Seasons, so his experience is a bit more glamorous than the day-to-day fare), but he's also sampled the la7me b3ajjin at Ichkhanian Bakery in Zoukak el Blat, which I can vouch for.

Looks like David is here for a week with fellow food blogger Bethany Kehdy, who is leading a food trek as part of her enterprise Taste Lebanon. David is also headed to Tawlet, Souk el Tayeb's iconic restaurant which features homemade dishes from the village. I hope he gets to try some of my favorites--Fakhreddine in Broumanna, Mhanna and Al Halabi in Antelias--as well as the simpler street-fare: taouk at Farouj el Achkar, basterma at Mano, Lebanese flatbread pizzas at Furn Bechara, and ashta ice cream at Intabli, to name a few. But we all know that nothing beats a simple markouk bread smothered in goat labneh balls, topped with fresh peppermint leaves, olives, tomatoes, and fresh thyme, and drizzled generously with olive oil.

Welcome to Lebanon and true Mediterranean hospitality, David!


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