Five-Star Cuisine at TSC Signature

TSC Signature is like my second home. Every day I have an essential visit (or three!), even if it’s simply to pace the aisles, explore imported novelties, or exchange greetings with the boys behind the counters. My office is a stone’s throw from the gourmet supermarket, so stopping in at TSC is convenient and almost mandatory.

By now, my loyal readers are well acquainted with my praise for TSC’s wood-fired oven pizzas, premium salad bar, gourmet sandwiches, silky French yogurt desserts—in fact, just the natural aura of the place spells epicurean! If you’re going there to peck at one of their delicious food stations, then you’re in for a real treat, because the cuisine is first-rate and unbeatably priced for value.

Last week, my husband and I had the privilege of meeting TSC’s Executive Chef Amer el Hajj, who is often seen behind the grill working alongside his team. The down-to-earth culinary master, whose humble roots trace back to Kafaat, manned the kitchens at a plethora of five-star properties both in Lebanon and abroad. Not only is he seasoned in all things edible, he is incredibly well-informed and well-versed on the hospitality sector in Lebanon, especially direct competitors in TSC’s market niche.

Executive Chef Amer el Hajj

Chef Amer working alongside Chef Khalil Mansour

Desiring something new, we allowed Chef Amer to take the reins on our dinner, which began with a seemingly effortless salmon tartare tossed with diced avocado, mango, onions and dill. The cherry on top was a dome of black caviar, and a smear of spicy mayo dressing adorned the plate. The burst of fresh flavors and contrasting textures was scrumptious, and though the heat could be dialed up, I rather liked it mild and subtle.

Salmon tartare

Our mains comprised a tender filet of veal grilled to a requested medium doneness. A steak knife wasn't even required to slice through the delicate fibers of the meat! We devoured it eagerly together with the grill-kissed endives, carrots, zucchini, a spear of potato, and a curiously bitter, yellow-hued baby eggplant. A delectable mushroom sauce chockfull of fresh porcini married all plate components together.

Veal filet with mushroom sauce and grilled vegetables

Our meal concluded with four sweet bites each of the Japanese rice-flour ice cream mochi filled with fruity aromas. Four raspberries, a swirl of strawberry sauce and a single mint leaf garnished the plate in an artistically beautiful presentation.

Fruity mochi (Japanese ice cream)

There’s no doubt in my mind that these dishes could easily be mistaken for the fare at Four Seasons’ The Grill Room or Le Gray’s Indigo on the Roof. From premium ingredients to tempting flavors and lovely aesthetics of each plate, Chef Amer is churning out edible wonders replete with flair.

On a store level, I would do more to illuminate the pizza counter, as it is hidden behind the lobster water tank and tucked away from the main drag of the store. Diners and customers often overlook it, though it is one of the best pizzerias in town. Maybe signs could be hung in-store leading the way to the various kitchens to remind diners of their eating options.

Also, be sure to explore their new "All-Natural" and organic section near the store entrance. Five islands and a whole wall aisle are stocked with health foods products including gluten-free and wheat-free for those with celiac disorder. 

The all-new all-natural and organic health foods section at TSC Signature


  1. WOW! The meal look so delicious but, I am more excited over the natural and organic food aisle. Hope to visit this year.


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