Amal Clooney And Those Bold White Gloves!

Amal Clooney always seems to cause a stir. First, the accomplished lawyer and human rights activist won George Clooney’s heart, locking in Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor within mere months of their engagement. The world watched with stunned silence, torn as to who had the better end of the deal—Amal or George.

Second, Amal was named Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating Person of 2014 for all the wrong reasons. Many people, myself included, chastised the debacle, furious that Walters didn't lay any praise on Amal’s long list of accolades and instead chose to focus on her union with George.

Now, in the latest controversy that’s got media folk and talk show hosts up in arms, Amal’s white gloves which she donned at the Golden Globes last Sunday are being mercilessly attacked. According to George, these elbow-reaching fashion accessories were knitted by Amal herself in anticipation of the awards ceremony. She paired them with a regal, one-shoulder black Christian Dior gown that brushed against the red carpet as she strutted with hubby at her side.

Amal in a sleek black Christian Dior gown and contrasting white gloves

Some found the gloves to be “uppity,” as if Amal were dismissing the entire Hollywood arena of actors and actresses and placing herself in a lofty league of her own. Dare she think she belongs to the ranks of loyalty, critics charged? Others teased that perhaps she was shielding her jewelry from curious eyes.

Quite frankly, I don’t think any of those hypotheses hold water. Has the world so quickly forgotten how quirky Amal’s fashion sense has been from the time we first learned of her? Ever since the media found out that Amal and George were an item, photographers hounded and snapped shots of the Lebanese-born barrister. Fashionistas the world over were unsure whether to hail her as a trend-setter or reject her for her novel dressing sense.

Here are some pictures to prove my point:

Amal in teeny-tiny shorts and a bright green T-shirt with a pink bow.
Quirky and courageous, no?

How about those mismatching heels?
One is purple with a pink strap, the other is pink with a purple strap!

Heavily-torn baggy jeans with bulky black brogues. Casual yet unusual.

Floral and geometric patterns in one dress--need I say more?

A gorgeous high-low hemline by fashion designer Giambattista Valli.
But you can't claim it's classy in the classical sense!

The media errs miserably every time it compares Amal to Kate Middleton, Jackie Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, and other archetypically elegant dressers. It’s not that Amal doesn’t exude classy in her choice of wardrobe—on the contrary, she does! But she has a unique style sense all of her own, and we would be at fault to try and construe her white gloves as derogatory metaphors of condescension.

For heaven’s sake, leave the lady to her whims! Amal’s earned every academic and professional award in the book. She can do whatever she pleases when it comes to dressing her attractive, slender figure. As long as George approves, who are we to probe her “ulterior motives”? 


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