Six Blogger Types You're Sure To Run Into Online

Almost as soon as you become an active blogger and immerse yourself in the greater blogosphere, you start to pick up on “unique” blogging personalities darting around you. Now I’m not usually one to form stereotypes or fit people into boxes, but there are some prevalent blogger types out there that can readily be detected!

Disclaimer: Don’t get me wrong—I’m not here to pass judgment, nor will I illustrate any of these categories with examples. Each of us subscribes to different blogs anyway, so references are meaningless.

See if you can recognize any of these characters in your blog-roll!

The moneyed show-offs. They plaster you with their outfits of the day which happen to comprise painfully expensive labels. Oh, and for a backdrop? They’re either alighting from a Porsche Cayenne, or they’re standing inside their family’s palatial living quarters.

It’s not the wealth that makes me wince. It’s the ostentatious, in-your-face attitude they use to pass off their privileged wear as quotidian. Please don’t.

The celebrity wannabes. They've been blogging for five-plus years, they've got a couple thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram, and they think they've earned their rights to celebrity stardom. They constantly post photos of gifts they receive from groups and brands who cunningly exploit their renown to skimp out on costly marketing dollars.

The information recyclers. These folks irk me the most! They call themselves bloggers, but they produce nothing original. They simply repost infographics, press releases, news articles, and other literature, which may be fine from time to time, but at least provide your audience with personal input, no?! What’s a blog’s defining identity if it’s just aggregating the news?

The self-entitled newbies. This breed has been blogging for barely a few months, and already they think they've worked up a street rep solid enough to land them major collaborations. They ferociously pursue photographers at media events, praying they’ll get featured in the pages of Mondanité, Beiruting, and BeirutNightLife.

The trend imitators. They’re only blogging because blogging seems trendy and hip. Their writing is incorrigibly juvenile, underdeveloped and riddled with grammatical errors. Often you can’t discern whether it’s French or English you’re reading. There’s no underlying theme to their content—it’s a hodgepodge of restaurant reviews, fashion quips, and political rants, sometimes in one blog post!

And on the opposite end of the spectrum...

The informed commentators. These are above and beyond my favorites. They've done their research before authoring any post or article, and they could easily pass as journalists for first-rate magazines and newspapers. They’re well-read, well-versed, and above all uncondescending with their words. You learn a lot from their perspectives, and you always wish they were more prolific at publishing. Often, writing is a secret fetish of theirs, and they hold full-time jobs in totally unrelated fields.

Any other blogger types you've come across? Chime in below!


  1. The first category I publicly called #sharmoutAD or the whores of ad agencies. Spot on article!

  2. Haha! I think you did a great job capturing bloggers :D

    1. Thanks, Sareen! I'm glad you agree :) love your comic strip, by the way!

    2. Oooh yay! Thank you Danielle! :D

  3. Loved the categories !! they are spot-on :D


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