Win A Specialty Apple-Cinnamon Cake with Daily Home Cooking!

Daily Home Cooking is a Facebook page authored by Hayat Fakhoury centering on cuisine in the home and its preparation. Almost daily, Hayat features a meal she's cooked (sometimes two!)--from rustic Lebanese dishes like fried lamb liver in pomegranate syrup to international teasers like mozzarella cheese nibbles. She also posts delicious cakes, tarts, and cookies emerging from her oven. For example, during Christmas, she labored over three different French buches--chocolate, chestnut, and buttercream--in addition to the traditional Lebanese rice pudding, meghleh

What's convenient about Daily Home Cooking is that recipes for every dish are posted, and this engages followers directly with Hayat. Recently Daily Home Cooking opened an account on Instagram dedicated exclusively to photos of its culinary creations. 

For the first time ever, Beirutista is teaming up with Daily Home Cooking to bring readers a sweet contest. All you have to do is guess what the cake below is: the first correct answer will win a specialty apple-cinnamon cake baked by Hayat. The contest runs through tomorrow midnight, and the winner will be announced Wednesday morning. 

To qualify, you must follow @Beirutista on both Instagram and Facebook. Follow, too, Daily Home Cooking here and here. Post your answer as a comment beneath my Instagram photo.

Let the games begin!

What's the flavor of this bundt cake? Submit your answers on my Instagram account here.

Update: The correct answer was a savory potato cake! There's also Dijon mustard and mozzarella in the mix. For the complete recipe, visit Daily Home Cooking on Facebook.


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