Beirutista Selected As Regional Expert For International Guide to the World's Best Pizzerias

Nearly a month ago, I was contacted by a certain Daniel Young, the prolific food critic behind the blog Young was seeking me out as a regional expert for a guide to the world’s best pizzerias of which he’s been appointed editor. The guide will be published in autumn 2016 by the premier global publisher of the creative arts, Phaidon, whose headquarters are in London and New York City.

In the past, I've waxed lyrical about exceptional pizzas in Beirut, namely my favorite places to grab a slice of the iconic Italian pie. I've also raved about PZZA.CO, sister restaurant to BRGR.CO, who imported a seasoned Neapolitan pizzaiolo to man its wood-fired oven. Having recently returned from a trip to the heart of Italy, I was able to discern and appreciate the Neapolitan-style pizzas emerging from the Beirut-based pizzeria.

PZZA.Co's Pizza Verde 

Rather coincidentally, Young reached out to me as I was in the midst of compiling my own roundup of Beirut’s best pizzerias, second edition, for That was published two days ago. A special feature and closer look at the pizzaiolo behind one of the five fine institutions I named is due out next week, so stay tuned.

Anyway, my contribution to the Phaidon guide will entail identifying a dozen “voters”—bloggers, writers, editors, chefs, pizza bakers, restaurateurs, suppliers, Italian deli owners, etc.—who in turn will submit the names of three top pizzerias in Beirut. Phaidon will administer questionnaires and tabulate the results, culminating in a comprehensive international reference.

As one of nearly 100 regional experts worldwide, I will be credited in the guide beside some of the top food people in the world. That realization hasn't quite sunk in yet, but I must confess I am extremely honored to be part of this rare opportunity. It boggles my mind to know that my food reviews are traveling far and making waves. That in itself is motivation to keep keeping on, to continue honing my writing and style, and to grow the blog organically.

Thank you, Mr. Young, for this unique privilege to give my opinions and those of others a broader voice beyond our local theater. And thank you, readers, for instilling your confidence in me time and time again. I am so blessed to figure into your precious leisurely reading!


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