Lime Tree Dbayeh Takes Customer Feedback More Seriously Than You Think

It’d been nearly three months since I’d been back at Lime Tree. On my first visit, I distinctly recall enjoying the vast space with its soothing gray and lime motifs; the American-style food and generosity of each plate; as well as the attentive service of the restaurant team members. The only thing I recommended nixing was the salad bar, which looked sad and desolate and didn't really add any character to the restaurant. Otherwise, I could definitely see myself returning.

Last night sealed the deal. We were warmly received at the door and ushered to our table overlooking the Dbayeh highway. Two walls of Lime Tree are entirely fashioned from floor-to-ceiling glass panels, so the light that percolates in and the unabridged view of the vicinity beautifully accentuate the restaurant's sense of space.

We settled in and ordered the Chicken Tenderloin (12,000 LL), Mozzarella Sticks (10,000 LL), and Chef Salad (15,000 LL) as starters. The chicken tenders, which come six to a bucket, are far and away the best in town: 100% premium chicken breast is marinated and battered in seasoned home-style breading and served with a tangy honey mustard sauce. Honestly, you could do without the dip—that’s how delicious and full of flavor these chunky spears are.

Chicken Tenderloin

Chef Salad

The Mozzarella Sticks might be more aptly named Mozzarella Patties—you know, the type comprising Crepaway’s Spielmozzarella or Roadster’s Evergreen. The crispy golden sleeve provides the requisite crunch to contrast the soft, oozing cheese. Furthermore, the marinara sauce offered alongside the patties gives a zingy lift, closely recreating the flavors of a margherita pizza.

Mozzarella "Sticks"

The star of the evening, however, was the Chicken Light platter (18,500 LL). A massive chicken breast marinated with a lime-cilantro glaze is grilled to a moist finish, sided by half-steamed carrots, string beans and corn as well as grilled potato lamelles. A small ramequin of sour cream—I’d describe it as whipped labneh—marries lusciously with the chicken and is a welcome change to the traditional chicken-mustard coupling.

Chicken Light Platter

We didn't sample the dessert selection on our previous visit, so it was imperative this time around. The Twin Fondant (14,000 LL) caught my eye, and within seconds of relishing, it conquered my taste buds, too. One of the chocolaty disks is your classic lava cake, with a silky gushing core of milk chocolate. The blonde affair, however, will transport you back to your childhood days, evoking the savors of Nestle Condensed Milk. Its richness is tempered by the less-sweet vanilla ice cream.

Twin Fondant

I was amused to see that the salad bar had been eliminated altogether from the menu—how satisfying to learn that restaurant management carefully evaluate customer feedback and act swiftly upon it! Smart and savvy, indeed—such are the makings of a successful operation, one that hears out its patrons and constantly aims for self-improvement. Indeed it shows, as the restaurant was a full house on Friday night.

Lime Tree, I am smitten with your firm desire to please. Keep up the good work. 


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