Summer BBQ Essentials at Wesley’s

If there’s anything I look forward to most in summer, apart from the longer days and beach-worthy weather, it’s barbecues. Firing up the grill, tossing a fresh green salad, sneaking in chips on every excursion to the kitchen, and saving room for watermelon and ice cream all combine to make the ultimate feasting and frolicking affair.

As effortless as it seems, there are a number of key items that go into pulling off the perfect BBQ, and Wesley’s Wholesale is your trusted sous chef. Beyond food and drink, from spatulas for flipping burger patties to beach chairs for reclining in, you can find it all at your favorite American imports megastore.

Summer means barbecues galore! (image source)


When planning a barbecue, decide on a few meaty mains and then fill in the gaps. Spice up your meat with granulated garlic, coffee rub, Montreal steak seasoning, cayenne, or kosher salt. Off the grill, you’ll need condiments like ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo (they’ve got vegan too!), and A1 BBQ sauce – 20% off the entire brand! To supplement your menu, Wesley’s got hot dogs, veggie patties, and cold cuts for sandwiches.

Spice up your meat with these sauces, rubs, and marinades!

Flanking the main attraction, chips and salsa are in order. Kirkland and Tostitos tortilla chips have that ideal structural rigidity needed to scoop a chunky Pico de Gallo, but you might also consider dip-free chips like Pringles, Torres truffle crisps, and Sensible Portions’ Garden Veggie Chips and Straws. Colorful, fun, and better-for-you snacks that boast 30% less fat than the leading potato chip, they come in flavors as enticing as Sea Salt, Cheddar, and Zesty Ranch.

Possibly my favorite aisle at Wesley's: chips, crackers, and salty snacks galore!

Speaking of ranch, it makes the ideal dip for crudités like carrots, celery, cauliflower, and cucumbers. Wesley’s houses a slew of salad dressings that can shave you precious time in the kitchen and are lip-smacking delicious. Try Kraft’s Seven Seas Green Goddess on sale for 4,750 LBP.

For dessert, pick up some Immaculate instant cookie dough to bake gluten-free cookies, and sandwich Ben & Jerry’s novelty ice cream between them. If time permits, whip up a pie of Milka Choco Cheesecake using ready-made mix (all through August, it’s 50% off at 6,000 LBP!).

Easy to bake treats free of artificial flavors and preservatives (image source)

In the drinks department, classics conjure up Lipton Iced Tea, Tang, and Country Time lemonade. Adults will find favor with beer, Prosecco, rosé, and red and white wines for sangria. Locate the entire alcohol collection in Orange Label on the upper floor of Wesley’s Hazmieh.

And for a dose of chilled caffeine, don’t forget Grady’s Cold Brew Kits suitable for large gatherings.

Easy-to-make iced coffee for large groups (image source)


Lacking the most indispensable ingredient of a BBQ, the grill? Fear not, for Wesley’s has everything from portable stainless steel to wood-fired pellet grills by Sportsman and Traeger. Gas grills by Member’s Mark are also available for those of you city dwellers blessed with terrace space or a backyard.

Traeger Elite Wood-Fired Grill (image source)

If you are, outfit it with Lifetime tables, either round or fold-out in 4-ft. and 6-ft. lengths. Tommy Bahama beach chairs will cradle you as you cradle your bubbly and cede the spatula, oven mitt, and sauce brush (all on offer at Wesley’s, of course) to your partner. After all, you need a breather to leaf through W&P Design’s Host, a modern cookbook for eating, drinking and entertaining.

Impress your guests with W&P Design Peak Ice Works trays that form giant cubes for whiskey and cocktails. 

Four extra large ice cubes to keep your drink colder, longer! (image source)

And whip out those handy OFF! Triple Wick Citronella Candles to fend off mosquitoes and gnats – you’ll immediately become the object of adoration among all your friends.

OFF!® Triple Wick Citronella Candle
Citronella candles keep mosquitoes at bay for up to 50 hours (image source)

For paper goods, stock up on paper towels, Emily McDowell party napkins, plates (Wesley’s carries ecofriendly varieties!), and Seventh Generation trash bags.

Emily McDowell napkins are feisty and unhinged! (image source)

If BBQ and beach come hand in hand, pick up some SPF sunscreen and beach towels on your Wesley’s shopping outing. Twin-pack towels are 20% off, and your Disney-doting kids will thank you.

So there you have it. You literally have no excuse for a poor BBQ performance this weekend. And if you want me to be the judge, I accept all invitations heartily. Just be sure you’ve got some Choco Cheesecake chilling in the fridge (that stuff’s incredible, I tell ya!).

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